Expressing music through various movement languages

Dance Styles and Class Topics


›World & Street Styles Dance © various World Dance styles, Popping, Waving, Hip Hop, & Groove theory.
›Tribal Fusion – Indian, Flamenco, and Egyptian mix with Hip Hop and Contemporary elements
›Waving                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ›Argentine Tango – Individuals and couples. Open & close embrace
›Hip Hop
›Robot Cat © – Enjoy stretching like a cat, self assured &  sensuous, while also banging out very precise isolations and illusionary movement.
›Tango-Bellydance Fusion -Two of the world’s most sensuous dance forms come together! -For the person who loves to dance -Tangueras interested in working on balance, creative embelishments, new ways of moving, and how to use your hips and stay on your axis -And bellydancers who want to expand their vocabulary. Musicality, quality of movement technique, and accents.
›Egyptian/Lebanese Style Bellydance
›Folkloric Styles and Trance Dance – Healing movement inspired by dances such as Saidi, Guedra, & Zar.

WORKSHOP TOPICS include but are not limited to the following, and can be mixed and matched with different dance styles:

›Extreme isolations and level changes               
›Under the Sea
›Tango X Session – Tango creative exploration through various directives.  (More info link)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
                                             ›World Dance & Street Styles Fusion © – Fayzah’s dance movement fusion is based on her knowledge, experience, and extensive training in a variety of dance forms. After embracing many dance styles in their pure form for an extended period of time, and making a significant contribution to several, she became interested in exploring links, similarities, and concepts where they can come together. Enjoying a wider palate for self expression, led to the gelling of this approach & method.
More specifically this fusion incorporates elements from Waving, Popping styles, Hip Hop, Tribal-Fusion, Egyptian (bellydance), Flamenco, Indian, Lyrical, Tango, Classic & Contemporary dance movement.
This full on challenging and fun dance class builds on strengthening muscles, technique & flexibility, with a focus on isolations, layering, footwork, grooves, using the space, creating illusions, and bringing out the music.
Classes include breathing meditation, stretching, and imagery based method of teaching to help the body understand ideas more fully. Class participants are encouraged to release and express themselves!
›Being your own BEST critic – This workshop will offer movement challenges as well as opportunities for reflection, and journaling.
We will work with psychological, emotional, & physical elements in reference to performance & also learning new things.
Working on transforming what holds us back, enhancing individual unique traits, & gaining deeper self awareness; for example, a quirky or distracting thing can become a style if someone knows they are doing it, instead of it just being a body habit that someone can’t control & doesn’t know they are doing. We will look at critique, trusting self, facing fears, knowing self. Often times, we may not have an outside coach, director, choreographer….we play the part of being the dancer, artist, creator, performer, actor, as well as coach, director, choreographer. We will work on seeing the whole picture, maximizing our performance, and looking at how we feel about it & what we want to accomplish.
›Goddess Flow
›Strengthening and Stretching Techniques for Tango dancers – Especially for feet, ankles, and knees, to prevent injuries. Based in physical therapy, Franklin method, and pilates.
›Finger Cymbal Workshop – Practicing various different rhythms to accompany live or recorded music. 9/8’s,4’s,3’s,6’s, etc.
›Performance Class – Focus on dance training for performance. Theatricality. Storytelling. What’s appropriate for different cultural audiences and ages. Learning your strengths. Projection. Emotion. Execution. Intention
›Balancing and Working with Props Technique – Swords, daggers, tray, veil, fans, wings, candles, candelabra, canes, etc.

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