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Hip Hop / Street Styles extended biography


Fayzah’s HIP HOP/STREET STYLES extended bio:

Fayzah has taught elements of Popping Styles and Hip Hop Dance in Japan, Switzerland, Italy, and at Broadway Dance Center in NYC. She has collaborated with Brian Green co teaching classes & workshops. She has studied with some of the originators of Hip Hop dance movement, and with dancers who appeared in music videos with legendary artists from Michael Jackson to Busta Rhymes & Run-DMC. She has studied Popping Styles with a multitude of influential dancers, such as Electric Boogaloos; Jazzy J, Mr. Wiggles, Poppin Pete, and Damon Frost, Salah, Mike Supreme, & Jr Boogaloo. Future Ninja & Lil Shaik have also been an inspiration in Waving. Fayzah’s activity in Hip Hop over the years includes DJing, dancing, and even a little bit of bombing (graffiti). She has guest DJ’ed on Puerto Rico’s premier Hip Hop music station; Hip Hop Vox FM, & “The Hip Hop Ride” radio show in AZ.
She grew up listening to and dancing to Hip Hop music at parties (along with soul, funk, g-funk, dance, electronic music, etc.).
When she was a teenager she started buying records because she liked the sound quality better than CD’s, and there were song remixes & rare grooves that were only released on vinyl. She worked at several music stores, became an obsessed crate digger, and eventually learned how to beat match, mix, juggle, & scratch.
Most of her DJ days were spent in L.A., A.Z., & P.R., were she played at parties, clubs, fashion shows, events, skate parks, on the radio, & dance battles, under the moniker DJ Cloud8.
Since her move to NYC, she has become even more in touch with the roots of Hip Hop.
Although Fayzah appreciates all street styles, funk styles, & club styles, her main focus is in Popping Styles & Hip Hop dance. Fayzah incorporates these styles into her dance fusion & in her latest instructional DVD “Android Goddess”. She partnered with H1st0ry in duets for theater & video, which incorporated Dancehall, Street Styles, & World Dance, & with Chill (Inhumanoids crew) in a comedic zombie Popping duet. She was cast as a popper in music video for  recording artist Al Boogie, & performed as a soloist in Street Dance showcases.
Fayzah continues to exchange with, & learn from various Poppers, Hip Hop & Street dancers,  including mentors Mr Wiggles & Brian Green. She also continues to be inspired by & embrace new street styles.